Tips When Renting a Yacht

Yacht in the distance

Are you considering renting a yacht? There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to get the most out of it. One fact about renting a yacht is that if you do it correctly, you will have endless fun and adventure. Renting a boat entails more than just paying the rental […]

What to Wear on a Yacht Party

42-powerboat_21 yacht party

What if you get invited to a yacht party today? Do you know what to wear? Do you know how to present yourself so you do not become a subject of mockery?  When you arrive at a yacht party, your dress is the first thing that will be noticed, and since you may not get […]

What is a Yacht?

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Do you know what a yacht really is? Everyone has an idea of what a yacht is. As a matter of fact, when the word “yacht” is mentioned, a certain picture comes to the mind of those who hear it. But despite its popularity, not many really know for sure what a yacht is. Only […]

How Much to Tip a Charter Boat Captain

Captain of a boat

Tipping your captain is a tradition that goes back centuries. It is a sign of courtesy and appreciation. But how much should you tip them? And what do they do with the money? In this blog post, we will answer your questions about tipping your captain! We’ll also provide a handy guide on how much […]

What is a Boat Charter: Everything You Need to Know

Yachts rented for vacation

You need a boat charter when you desire a fun and relaxing time on the water. A boat charter is a service that allows you to ‘own’ a boat for a set length of time. It provides a unique opportunity to have a beautiful time with your friends and family. With Delray Boat Rentals, there […]

How Much is a Boat Rental

Yacht In the Water

Are you planning on spending a beautiful day on the water? You should rent a boat. Boat rental gives you a unique and limitless experience on the water. But how much is a boat rental? Boat rental prices vary according to the type of boat, the size of the boat, and the location.  This blog […]